The Equilibrists

Verónica & Marvin,

one Venezuelan and one French, experienced in digital marketing strategies,
sharing a nomadic and responsible way of life. 

The Étic Principles

A balanced environment,
we work remotely without a fixed office, from the Atlantic forest in Brazil to a co-working space in Italy. We always settle down where we feel motivated and in harmony.

A fair price,
we reduce our margins to what is necessary to cover costs and obtain a fair remuneration. Our goal is to grow with you in parallel, offering the best quality/price ratio.

An individual offer,
we personalize our offers for each customer because each project is specific and require a different approach fitting your product/service lifecycle.

A long-lasting relationship,
we are the same, visionary entrepreneurs, the perenity of our relationship ensures the longevity of our project. 
"We seek to participate in projects with which we identify ethically and professionally."


Marketing and Computing

15 years experience


Google Ads Certified

Search and Display


French, English, Spanish and Portuguese

Marvin Philippe

2015 (France).  International Business and Marketing Master degree.

2015-2017 (Belgium). Marketing Product Manager within a telecomunication company

2017-2018 (Germany). Customer Success Manager within Telecomunication start-up.

2019 (www). Start working as a Freelancer!

Verónica Carpio

2011 (Venezuela). Informatics Sciences degree.

2009 - 2014 (Venezuela). Account Manager within two telecomunication companies.

2014 - 2016 (Ireland and U.K). Google Ads certification and Community Manager for different companies.

2016 - 2020 (Uruguay). Online Marketing Manager for a web designing agency.

2020 (www). Working as Freelancer and Consultant.

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